End of Term 1

Term 1 ends on Friday 5th April, and students will be dismissed at 2.30pm. Our annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day will be held on this day. Students leaving early (before 2.30pm) must be signed out at the Office. If your child is leaving early with their grandparent or special friend before 2.30pm, parents/guardians must enter an absence note in Compass approving the early departure. The absence note must state in the description the name and relationship to the student of the person signing the child out of school, eg "John will be collected from school by his grandfather, Fred Smith."

Enjoy the Autumn holiday break. School resumes for Term 2 on Tuesday 23rd April. The ANZAC Day public holiday (Thursday 25th April) occurs in the first week of Term 2, and students do not attend school on this day.