Prep 2020

Enrolment documentation for Prep 2020 was due by Friday 31st May 2019, and all families who submitted complete enrolments have been advised if a place was available in 2020. The School Transition Program for our incoming Preps has commenced. The next session is Transition 2 on Thursday 10th October, and we look forward to seeing our incoming Preps then. We hope that many parents are able to stay for the Literacy & Numeracy session that will run concurrently with the children's session.

If Prep enrolment is required, please contact our Office as soon as possible to enquire if placement is available.

Our school tours are recommended, but not compulsory, for families considering enrolment at EHPS. School tours are conducted on Thursdays starting at 9.30am each week. Bookings are essential - contact our Office between 9.30am and 2.30pm on 9807 4944 to book.

An information pack, including the enrolment forms, is provided at the conclusion of our school tours, or can be collected from our Office. 

Enrolment documentation (forms provided in our information pack and the supporting documentation) are to be lodged at our Office between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday.

Use DET Find My School, the official and most up to date school zones site, to confirm your designated neighbourhood school, or check a school zone - CLICK HERE

DET Enrolment FAQs - CLICK HERE.