Teach girls to build each other up

Join Collett Smart in the upcoming Parenting Ideas webinar 'Teach girls to build each other up' on Wednesday 29th May at 8pm. This webinar will show parents how to help girls create positive peer relationships and provide practical advice and ideas to navigate tricky situations including toxic friendships, cliques and bullying.

This webinar explores:
  • Emotional intelligence and girls.
  • How we might equip girls to recognise their own owrth, as well as the worth of others.
  • What girls need from parents and carers when things go wrong in friendships and relationships.
  • When parents need to hold back and when to step in.
  • Strategies for developing both assertiveness and kindness in our girls.

Webinars are accessible for one month; this webinar available until 29th June. This webinar is free of charge to the EHPS school community (a saving of $37 per person). Access your voucher from your News Feed on the Parent Portal on Compass - CLICK HERE; enter the code on the voucher when registering.

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