Parenting Ideas webinar

Through our Parenting Ideas membership, our school community can attend Parenting Ideas webinars for parents at no charge (a saving of $37). We're pleased to let you know about the upcoming webinar:
  1. Join Dr G as she discusses stepping back so kids can step up on Wednesday 18th September at 8pm.
    Children and teenagers are capable of so much more than they are often given credit for. Closing the expectation gap between what adults believe kids and young adults are capable of, and allowing them to create their own solutions to the challenges they face will greatly impact their resilience, and society as a whole. In this webinar, Dr. G will outline the practicalities of doing that, and the guiding principles that will make it possible. 
    CLICK HERE to register.
Registration details, including the code for free of charge access, has been distributed to the EHPS community via the Parent Portal on Compass.

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