Prep 2021 - enrol by 29th May

Enrolment for Prep 2021 must be lodged by Friday 29th May. The necessary changes we have had to make for the health and wellbeing of our school and the wider community have resulted in changes to our enrolment process.

The school and our office are closed to visitors for the health and wellbeing of our school and wider community due to COVID-19, and therefore our usual enrolment processes have changed. 

We are currently unable to offer you a school tour onsite, but we invite you to visit via our virtual tour - click on the Virtual Tour quick link on our school website home page.

To enrol for Prep 2021, your child's enrolment documentation must be lodged by Friday 29th May. Enrolment options:

  1. Collect an Information Pack (enrolment documentation is enclosed) from the Information & Enrolment Pack tub outside the Office door. To lodge enrolment, place the completed enrolment documentation (three forms provided and a copy of each of the required supporting documents) in the provided envelope, complete the checklist on the front, and return to the Information & Enrolment tub. The tub will be outside the Office door for collection and lodgement between 8.30am and 3.30pm Monday to Friday.
  2. Online enrolment - select the enrolment form applicable for you (depending on whether you have a Gmail account or not). Have all supporting documents according to the list below scanned and ready to upload (if you have a Gmail account) or send by email (if you don't have a Gmail account). Read the following documents prior to lodging online enrolment:
    1. Enrolment Form - Information for parents, guardians and carers (including privacy collection notice) 
    2.  Parental Occupation Group Codes 
    3.  CLICK HERE to access online enrolment forms. 
All families who lodge enrolment by Friday 29th May will receive advice in writing by the end of June confirming placment (if EHPS is your designated neighbourhood school) or advising if placement can be offered (if EHPS is not your designated neighbourhood school). EHPS has capacity to offer four Prep classes each year; accommodating approximately 80 students. If EHPS is not your designated neighbourhood school, it is the responsbility of parents/guardians to have another option selected in the event that EHPS is not able to offer placement. 


If you have any questions after reading the Introduction booklet and the information in the Information Pack and reviewing our school website, including details about enrolment, please email, or phone our Office between 9.30 and 2.30pm.