Parenting Ideas resources

Our school membership of Parenting Ideas, one of Australia's most trusted sources of parenting education and support, provides our school community with excellent resources.

Recent Insights articles:

  • Managing anxiety before it becomes a problem 
  • Establishing digital boundaries for the screen generation 
  • That's leadership thinking! 
  • Supporting boys in upper primary school 
  • Grandparents as carers 
  • Seven ways to be a positive influence on children and young people 
  • Helping your child become the best student they can be 
  • Building deep emotional connections with kids 
  • Managing the mother load 
  • Modelling self-kindness 
  • The power of sorry 

Webinars in 2021:
  • Maggie Dent presents Communicating with teenage boys - 24th March
  • Dr Justin Coulson presents Connecting with teenage girls - 23rd June 
  • Dr Kristy Goodwin presents Taming digital distractions - 8th September 
  • Michael Grose presents Using birth order knowledge for a parenting edge - 10th November 

Information about Parenting Ideas resources are communicated to our school community via our Parent Portal on Compass.

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