Parenting Ideas resources

Our school membership of Parenting Ideas, one of Australia's most trusted sources of parenting education and support, provides our school community with excellent resources.

Recent Insights articles:

  • Building deep emotional connections with kids 
  • Managing the mother load 
  • Modelling self-kindness 
  • The power of sorry 
  • Give kids a thumbs up for the right things 
  • A flexible approach to raising kids 
  • Parenting in challenging times 
  • Wellbeing strategies for parents 
  • Help kids tap into their inner resources 
  • A topic you can't ignore 
  • Staying the course in COVID times 
  • Encourage kids to occupy themselves 
  • Maintaining strong family traditions 

  • Parenting like a cat and dog - to be held on Wednesday 11th November (access at no cost available to our school community until 31st December 2020). 
  • Teaching young people about healthy relationships - held on Wednesday 9th September (access at no cost available to our school community until 9th December 2020).

Information about Parenting Ideas resources are communicated to our school community via our Parent Portal on Compass.

For links to Insights articles, webinar details, and more Parenting Ideas information and resources - CLICK HERE.