Prep 2021 School Transition Program

We have had to adapt our School Transition Program for our incoming Preps for the health and wellbeing of our school and the wider community due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We can't have anyone on site at school, so we're coming to you online!

Even though we are disappointed to not be able to begin to get to know some of our incoming Preps and their families on site, we've made the following videos for you:

Under the current restrictions we are unable to run the School Transition Program as advised on the published flyer. The details of sessions that have run instead follow ... 

An Information Session via Zoom for parents/guardians was held on Tuesday 8th September from 7pm. At this session our Prep teachers shared information on the following topics:
School transition sessions
What does school readiness mean 
What to expect in the first weeks of school 
Emotional wellbeing and social skills, including ArtSEL 
Victorian Curriculum - core subjects and specialist areas 
Learning and developments in the early years 
Email about this session was emailed to parents of all children enrolled to commence in Prep 2021. It was great that so many joined in, and we hope that it was an enjoyable and informative session. 

A Story Time and Song session was conducted online via Zoom on Thursday 8th October from 10.30am to 11.00am. Children were sent information in the mail about the teacher who would run their story/games and songs session and the Zoom login details. Art and craft materials were also sent in this mailout; these are to be used in an online Art and Craft activity (see above for the link to the instructional video, available in the week commencing Monday 12th October). All families of children enrolled for Prep 2021 were advised about this session by email and by post.

We hope you enjoy these videos and can participate in the online sessions via Zoom. We look forward to getting to know our incoming Preps and their families as we prepare for their start in Prep in 2021.