Maths for Parents with Michael Ymer

EHPS parents/guardians were invited to Maths for Parents, a special event with Michael Ymer on Tuesday 30th March.

Details of this parent forum was provided to our parents/guardians via Compass. 

Numeracy is a key priority in our Strategic Plan. We have engaged with Michael over the last couple of years to work with our staff so that we can develop our students to their full potential.

Michael Ymer is an internationally recognised mathematics consultant, educator and master practitioner. Michael has and continues to work at some of the most elite schools in Australia and Asia, as well as being in high demand to be a lead presenter at many educational conferences worldwide.

In a recent Parent Opinion Survey, parents requested to know and to understand more about what their children are learning. This Parent Forum is an opportunity to listen to and learn from Michael about the current best practice on the teaching of mathematics and how parents can help their children improve their numeracy.

It is our hope that families will leave this forum with a good understanding of how our teachers are instructing their children in Maths, and examples of some of the rich learning activities they may experience in class. Families will also learn strategies that they can use to help their children with mathematics at home.

This is a unique experience and we are very fortunate to have Michael work so closely with our school.

A gold coin donation is requested from attendees to help defray the costs of Michael's engagement with EHPS.