Prep 2022

Planning and preparation for Prep in 2022 is well underway. We look forward to getting to know our new students and their families throughout our School Transition Program for our incoming Preps. The program has been comprehensively updated and will be primarily delivered online.

First round offers have been considered, and all families who lodged a request for placement in Prep in 2022 have received a letter from our Principal regarding placement. If Prep placement is required (children born on or before 30 April 2017 are eligible), contact our Office to enquire about enrolment. 

Due to the current school operations guidelines we are not permitted to conduct onsite transition activities. Our School Transition Program has been comprehensively updated - click here for more information. 

Our School Transition Program commenced with our Welcome to School Information Evening for families considering enrolment at EHPS. It was great to engage with so many families at this event, held on Tuesday 22 June, and conducted via Zoom due to the school operation guidelines in place at the time.

Unfortunately the Story Time (planned for Monday 19 July and Monday 9 August), Glue & Glitter Art (18 October), and Music Sing-A-Long (4 November) sessions have been cancelled.