We're on holidays

EHPS is closed for the Summer school holidays. Term 4 and the 2022 school year concluded on Tuesday 20 December. Our Office opens on Friday 27 January 2023 for Term 1. We look forward to seeing our whole school community return refreshed for the new school year.

Urgent enquiries over the holiday break should be directed to our school email. Email will be monitored over the holiday break, but our staff are on leave, so a response may not be possible until the school reopens. We look forward to assisting you with any queries when our Office opens on Friday 27 January 2023. 

Friday 27 January (statewide student-free day in all Victorian government schools) and Monday 30 January are student-free days at EHPS. 

Years 1 to 6 students commence on Tuesday 31 January 2023. 

Prep students will attend their compulsory school entry assessment between Tuesday 31 January and Monday 6 February 2023. Their first day at school is Tuesday 7 February.