School Photos


School Photos were taken on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd March by Arthur Reed Photos.

Photos are ordered online from Arthur Reed Photos. If you cannot order online, complete the order form on the flyer provided and return directly to Arthur Reed Photos, PO Box 272, Belmont VIC 3216.


Orders for individual school photos must be made before 11.59pm on 2nd April 2018 (a late fee applies for orders after this date). From the Arthur Reed Photos home page:

  1. click on 'Order Your School Photos', enter the School Code provided on the school photo notice - 1803EH748
  2. click 'Proceed'
  3. read the information and then click in the box to acknowledge that 'I have read and agree with the above information'
  4. click 'Continue' button
  5. proceed from there to set up an account and order your photos.

Family photos were also available. These were ordered prior to the first photo day.


If you have any questions, contact Arthur Reed Photos by phone on 5243 4390.