Grandparents and Special Friends Day


If students are leaving early (before dismissal at 2.30pm) on Thursday 29th March, parents/guardians are reminded that written approval for students to leave early must be provided. Students leaving with their grandparent/special friend must include the name of that adult in the approval to leave.


To provide advice of early departure (before dismissal at 2.30pm):

  1. Parent/guardian logs in to Compass.
  2. Select 'Add Attendance Note/Approval/Approved Absence/Late' link on the Compass home screen.
    (a) From the pop-up window:
         i.    Select the reason - 'Parent Choice'
         ii.   Enter a brief description of the absence, eg "Early departure. To be collected by
               John Smith, Grandfather."
         iii.   Select the start and finish time:
                   START - date 29/3/18, time eg 1pm/1.30pm/2pm
                   FINISH - date 29/3/18, period - select "PM"
         iv.   Click the green Save button (bottom right hand corner).
  3. Back at the Compass home screen:
    (a)  Select 'Send Email to Teachers' link
    (b)  Write a brief email advising that the student will leave early and who they are being collected by, eg "Amy Smith will leave early today with her Grandma, Anne Smith, at the conclusion of Grandparents & Special Friends Day at 1.30pm".


Following this procedure will ensure that departure will be efficient and smooth. If advice has not been entered on Compass, Office staff will contact parents/guardians for approval before releasing students.