Indonesian Language


The Indonesian Language curriculum at Essex Heights Primary School immerses the students in rich experiences with a language and cultural focus. Themes and topics of study are designed to cater for different interests and abilities and provide students with a building block approach throughout their study of the language.


Formal activities include a range of speaking and listening, reading and writing. As the students' language develops, they will increase their learning through interactive games as a whole class, with a partner or in small groups where they will be required to draw on their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.


The Indonesian program at EHPS has offers students the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities such as the Sayembara Lisan: Indonesian Speaking Competition. Students are also immersed in Indonesian culture through dance, drama, music and games on our annual Indonesian Day incursion.


All students focus on introductory language such as greetings and building their familiarity of Indonesia's geography, culture and diversity. They reflect on similarities and differences between the Indonesian culture and their own culture. They then build onto their learning with other everyday vocabulary such as days of the week, telling the time, colours, numbers, classroom items, food, and family members. They draw on their language to build their conversational skills to apply to everyday scenarios.



Learning a language is not just about the vocabulary. It develops the students' awareness of the ways people communicate, interact and celebrate across cultures. Regardless of the nominated language for future study, learning a second language helps students to extend and deepen their overall literacy.


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