School Day

The school day at EHPS commences with the first bell at 8.50am. Students go to their classroom and get ready for the day (put their bag away, and hand in notices, lunch orders (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), school banking deposit book (Tuesday), etc.). The roll is marked, and learning commences at 9am (students arriving at 9am or later must come to the Office on arrival at school to be signed in). Recess is 11am to 11.30am, Lunch from 1.30pm to 1.40pm supervised in the classroom, and then Lunch Play from 1.40pm to 2.30pm. The school day ends at 3.30pm. Teacher supervision commences at 8.45am and finishes at 3.45pm.

Food at School
Students are required to bring a morning snack/brain food (fruit or vegetables are recommended) that will be eaten before recess, lunch or a lunch order, and a water bottle every day. Note: if a student has a lunch order, they must bring a morning snack/brain food from home. 
Students must be able to manage their food and water bottle independently. Students must not bring food that requires heating or water added. If cutlery is required, it must be provided from home.

Visiting School
All visitors during the school day must sign in and out of the Visitor's Register in the Office. If working as a parent helper in the classroom or on an incursion/excursion, the visitor must have a current Working With Children Check and have read the Child Safe Policy and Code of Conduct documents and signed and submitted the acknowledgement.
Visitors attending the weekly School Assembly in the Hall are exempt from signing into the Visitor's Register.

Late Arrival or Early Departure
If a child arrives at school at 9am or after, they must first go to the Office to be signed in by staff and obtain a yellow pass to give to their teacher. If a child needs to leave school during the school day, their parent/guardian must enter the absence details on Compass before coming to school, and on arrival come to the Office to sign them out and get a green pass which is to be given to the teacher.

Forgotten Items
Items required by students during the day (eg lunch, clothing, or instruments) that were forgotten at the start of the school day, are to be delivered to the Office and staff will ensure students receive items in a timely manner. Parents are not permitted to go to classrooms during learning/teaching time.

Ensure all items of clothing are clearly labelled with student's first and last names so that return can occur if it's misplaced. Missplaced items are placed in one of the four lost property boxes around the school. Any unnamed and unclaimed items in the lost property boxes may be offered for sale at the Secondhand Uniform Stall. It is the responsibility of students to look after their clothing.

After School Care
If it becomes necessary for a student to attend After School Care at the end of the school day, parents should:
  1. Call BASC on 9807 2615 and speak to a staff member or leave a message that the student will be attending; and
  2. Call the School Office on 9807 4944 and staff will advise the student via their teacher.
  3. Optional: Send an email to the student's teacher using the link on Compass (please note that it is not guaranteed that a student's teacher will see the message before the end of the school day).
Personal Items
Bringing personal items from home is discouraged as damage or loss can be distressing. Students are encouraged to use the play and sport equipment provided at school and our school grounds to play. If personal items are brought to school they are the responsibility of the student.

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