Year 2

There are four Year 2 classes at EHPS in 2021: 2B, 2D, 2O and 2PB.



  • Terms 1 & 2: Local walks around our school neighbourhood
  • Term 2: Mont DeLancey Historic Homestead excursion
  • Term 4: Royal Botanic Gardens Excursion

Other Important Information

  • The Year 2 team strives to send out a weekly update via COMPASS regarding the upcoming week and important information for students and parents.


  • Year 2 Sport
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Fun Run
  • Swimming


Term 1 Year 2 Newsletter  |  Term 2 Year 2 Newsletter



In addition to covering all Victorian Curriculum in Literacy and Numeracy, Year 2 students at Essex Heights explore:



  • Growth and Change (plants)
  • Push and Pull science experiments
  • Physical changes and chemical changes


  • The ‘olden days’ and how things have changed over time
  • The history of Mount Waverley and local walks


  • Learning touch typing on a keyboard
  • Using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Cyber safety and ergonomics when using a computer
  • Saving files and retrieving files
  • Online programs: Seesaw, Matific, Essential Assessment


  • School values and wellbeing
  • The Resilience Project
  • Developmental Play
  • Social skills for developing friendships
  • ArtSEL


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