Enrolment Process

Placement in all year levels for entry in the current and next school year will be considered. Contact our School Office between 9.30am and 2.30pm Monday to Friday during school terms by phone on 9807 4944 or in person to enquire about enrolment. Please note that the school and our Office are closed during school holidays. If you have an enrolment enquiry over a school holiday period, please send your enquiry to our school email so that we can respond at the start of the next term.  


We offer school tours for those interested in entry in the current and upcoming year. Attendance on a tour is recommended, but not compulsory. Tours commence in March, and are held twice weekly on Wednesday and Friday commencing at 9.30am. Please contact our Office between 9.30am and 2.30pm to book as places on tours are capped.


An information pack, including our Introduction Booklet and enrolment documentation, is offered at the conclusion of a school tour, or can be collected from our Office from the beginning of March each year.


Please read the Privacy Collection Notice before completing an enrolment. 


Enrolment for entry in 2023   

Contact our Office to enquire regarding availability of a place in the required year level. If a place can be offered, enrolment documentation must be submitted a minimum of one week prior to the student's commencement date, or if starting at the beginning of a term, a minimum of one week prior to the end of the preceding term. An orientation at school prior to commencement is required to assist the student's transition to EHPS and our class placement decision. Please note that our Office is closed during school holidays. Enrolment confirmation, including the school start date, will be advised by letter from the EHPS Principal after attendance at orientation.  

Enrolment for entry in 2024

PREP:  Children born on or before 30 April 2019 are eligible for Prep entry in 2024. The new Department of Education Prep/Foundation enrolment process applies - click here
YEARS 1 to 6:  Contact our Office to enquire regarding availability of a place in the required year level. We will advise by email the outcome of your enrolment enquiry. If placement is offered, enrolment instructions and documentation will be provided, and request lodgement within a week of receiving our offer. For planning and preparation for the next school year, and to ensure that incoming students have the opportunity to attend Orientation Day in early December, placement must be confirmed and enrolment documents lodged not later than Friday 24 November 2023. 

Enrolment for entry in 2025 and beyond

Enrolment is submitted in the year prior to commencement. Please refer to the information provided on this website when considering your child's schooling, and we invite you to book and attend a school tour in the year prior to entry. 



What do I need to do to enrol my child?


On confirmation from EHPS that placement can be offered, lodge enrolment documentation at our Office between 9.30am and 2.30pm weekdays (except Thursday) during school terms.


A complete EHPS enrolment comprises the following items. Forms (items 1 to 3) are provided in the information pack. Documents (items 4 to 12) are to be presented in their original form, or a certified copy provided. 

  1. Student Enrolment form
  2. Student Learning Needs form 
  3. Medical Details form 
  4. Birth Certificate 
  5. Australian Citizenship or Residency:
    1. Passport (if held)
    2. Certificate of Australian Citizenship or Citizenship by Descent (if applicable, where one or both parents are not born in Australia) 
      Note: for children born in Australia, but whose parents were not born in Australia, the child's nationality/citizenship must be verified; if the documents above cannot be provided for the child, the parent's passports and, if held, Certificate of Australian Citizenship are also required.    
    3. Immigration documentation:
      1. Visa Grant Notice issued by the Australian Government (if currently on Bridging Visa must also provide Visa Grant Notice for visa held immediately prior)
      2. Confirmation of Placement issued by the International Education Division (applicable for students enrolled as an International Student).
  6. Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) immunisation history statement:
    1. Provide current (not older than two months) immunisation history statement (note: the records in a child’s maternal and child health book cannot be accepted).
    2. If your child's immunisation records are incomplete, missing, your child has been vaccinated overseas, or your child has never been vaccinated:
      1. Visit the City of Monash Council Immunisation Service (Monash Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley) and request an Immunisation Status Certificate for school entry; request a lodgement receipt to provide with enrolment. 
      2. Arrange for your child to have the vaccinations identified as missing as soon as possible with the Council or your GP. 
      3. When vaccinations are up to date, provide the AIR immunisation history statement as soon as available.
  7. Home/Residential Address - where the student lives permanently with the Primary Family at the time the enrolment commences. Provide documents showing the full name of the child’s parent/guardian/carer and address, totalling at least 100 points, from the following:
    1. One of the following (40 points):
      1. Council rates notes OR
      2. Lease agreement through a registered real estate agent or rental board bond receipt OR
      3. Unconditional/exchanged contract of sale.
    2. Any of the following (20 points each):
      1. Centrelink payment statement showing home address
      2. Electoral roll statement
    3. Any of the following (15 points each):
      1. Electricity or Gas bill showing the service address*
      2. Water bill showing the service address*
      3. Telephone or internet bill showing the service address*
      4. Driver’s licence or government issued ID showing current home address*
      5. Home building or home contents insurance showing the service address 
      6. Motor vehicle registration or compulsory third party insurance policy showing home address
        * up to three months old.
        Note: Where the address is new, connection notices for the utilities (electricity, gas, water) at the service address will be accepted instead of a bill.
  8. School report/s (required for all enrolling students, except those enrolling for Prep 2023) - two most recent reports from previous 12 months, and most recent NAPLAN report if completed. (Note: students commencing in Prep in the current school year in Semester 2 are to provide their Semester 1 report). 
  9. Asthma Management Plan (if applicable)
  10. Allergy Management Plan (if applicable) 
  11. Anaphylaxis Management Plan (if applicable) 
  12. Court orders (if applicable)
  13. If EHPS is not your designated neighbourhood school - Letter of no more than one page explaining your choice of EHPS for your child, addressed to our Principal, Mr George Perini.

Shared Custody:  Where there is shared custody and a child lives with both parents at different addresses by agreement between the parents or by parenting orders from a court, an additional form must be completed. Please let us know if this applies for your family so we can provide the relevant documentation.

All documentation, as detailed above, must be supplied to the School Office before your enrolment can be confirmed. Enrolment, including the start date, will be confirmed by our Principal in writing.