At Essex Heights P.S. we believe in a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment. We recycle paper using Visy bins, catch water under drinking taps to put on our gardens and reduce our rubbish coming to school by encouraging children to bring rubbish free lunches. We have established a thriving vegetable garden, where the produce has been used to make Bolognaise sauce for pasta, toasted treats and baked potatoes all flavoured with fresh herbs from the garden. Pumpkin soup is also on the menu. Did you know our sunflowers have even appeared in the Waverley Leader newspaper? Classrooms are responsible for cleaning, clearing and planting sections of garden around the school. Children have painted school fences with thematic based art, made tiles to decorate native and sensory gardens and used mosaic to decorate breezeways. Keep an eye out for rainwater tanks and compost bins. We believe we can make a difference and create a positive and sustainable environment to enjoy and live in.


To support the philosophy of "Schools For a Sustainable Future" Essex Heights has decided to introduce the idea of HERO monitors in every grade. The acronym stands for Helpful Energy Resource Officers. A boy and girl in each class will become responsible for turning off electrical equipment in their classroom when not in use. They could be fans, air conditioners, lights, computers etc. All the items are listed on the back of their badge. Each child holds the position for 1 week and then 2 new monitors are chosen by the teacher for each new week. This way every body gets to share the responsibility for maintaining our piece of the planet here at E.H.P.S.

Recycling Bins Roster

We have a great team of parent volunteers who put our yellow lidded recycling bins out on Sunday evening ready for the fortnightly collection on Monday. 

Rubbish Free Lunch

Essex Heights Primary School is proud of our Rubbish Free Lunch days. On Tuesdays and Thursdays we ask that students food is wrapper free or that any packaging is recyclable. Ideally, a student's lunch will only contain items that will be eaten, composted or recycled. Any non-recyclable packaging is to be taken home for disposal.

Reusable containers are a handy way to pack a rubbish free lunch. They also make it easy to buy food and drink in bulk (instead of single-servings) which can save money over time.

The Rubbish Free Lunch Challenge is one of Essex Heights Primary School sustainability education initiatives. By participating, students will have a better understanding of how we can take action to reduce our waste. Rubbish Free Lunches also save money and promote healthy eating. On average, a child who has a disposable lunch generates three pieces of rubbish per day, which equals a monstrous 30kg of waste per child per year!

Target Tarp Tuesdays

As part of our commitment to being responsible community minded learners, we conduct our Target Tarp fortnightly on Tuesday lunchtime. At 2.20pm the bell is rung and students are encouraged to collect a few pieces of rubbish each in the yard and deliver them to the tarp in the courtyard. Working together we endeavour to keep our lovely grounds clean and tidy.


To help students reach the target, they are encouraged to have a "rubbish free lunch" on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If children do have packaging, they are encouraged to put it in their lunchbox and take it home. With our no eating outside commitment our rubbish in the yard should be heading towards zero.

Tips to help reach the Target:
  • Choose wrapper free foods.
  • Always choose the correct bin for your waste.
  • Never take wrappers outside.
  • Dispose of your Quelch wrappers in the green wheelie bins.



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