Program for Students with Disabilities


The Program for Students with Disabilities (PSD) supports the education of students with disabilities in Victorian Government schools by providing schools with additional resources. The resources are provided to schools to assist in the education of students with disabilities, not to individual students.


Essex Heights has been enrolling students who qualify for this program since the early 1980s. We are recognised as a leader for our inclusive approach to education.


Essex Heights has a strong philosophy of inclusion. We ensure that students with special needs have access to all the school has to offer – music, sport, excursions and camps. Our school personnel are able to assist parents who wish to access the services of a speech pathologist, occupational therapist or physiotherapist.


Many students will require a support worker to help ensure their inclusion and safety in school activities. The support worker will provide the child with the practical help he/she needs to access the curriculum and also promote the development of the child’s self esteem and self confidence, both fundamental for optimal learning.


Essex Heights has experienced support workers who work under the guidance of the classroom teacher to provide a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum.