Visual Arts and ArtSEL

The Visual Arts program enables all children from Prep to Year 6 to participate in artistic experiences that foster individual creativity as they explore expressive, creative and communicative forms that reflect their own ideas and the world around them. The program is organised into 2 dimensions: Art Logo


1) Creating and Making: Children use their imagination and experiment with materials in open-ended or teacher-originated activities applying art elements, skills, techniques, equipment and technologies to create original and interesting art works.


2) Exporing and Responding: The exploring and responding component encourages children at all levels to respond to their own art work and art works of those around them. The children are encouraged to participate in discussions about the content, techniques and materials used in artworks, using arts language and to think about where these artworks fit into our history.


At Essex Heights, all students receive a one hour Art lesson per week.


Our art room provides a warm, inviting space that encourages an atmosphere of personal satisfaction artistically while working with and appreciating the achievements of their peers. The children’s work is displayed around the school and each child is encouraged to keep their work in an art book which is sent home at the end of the school year.


Did you know?

At Essex Heights, our students also participate in ArtSEL (Social and Emotional Learning through Art). In our ArtSEL lessons, students acquire knowledge and skills related to five core competencies: 

  1. Self-Awareness: Recognize one’s emotions, values, strengths, and limitations
  2. Responsibile Decision Making: Make ethical, constructive choices about personal and social behavior
  3. Relationship Skills: Form positive relationships, work in teams, deal effectively with conflict
  4. Social Awareness: Show understanding and empathy for others
  5. Self-Management: Manage emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goals