Health & Physical Education

PE Logo image Health & Physical Education at Essex Heights includes fitness, skills, movement, athletics, aquatics, modified games and sport. 


The program provides sequential fundamental and gross skill development, enhancing participation in games and an understanding of ‘sport’ in its broadest sense. Confidence, success, social relationships and the development of self through programmed activity underlie the far reaching benefits of Physical Education. The Health & Physical Education program enhances each student’s opportunities to pursue life long interest in physical activity. As children progress from the fundamental skills the aim is to enable children to learn enough about sports in terms of rules and skills in order to join an outside school team either socially or competitively.


Aims of the program for students:

  • Develop a love of physical activity through positive experiences and enjoyment with peers and sport educators
  • Encourage all students to be involved in lifelong physical activity, beneficial to the quality of their lives
  • Actively involve students in a varied and balanced program with Fundamental Motor Skills acquisition as the priority for juniors, enhanced by performing arts, athletics, movement and object control, games, and aquatics
  • Sport specific skill and game play development for middle to upper primary to prepare students for Interschool sport
  • Maintain and extend appropriate levels of fitness, enhancing wellbeing
  • Develop social and personal skills leading to improved self esteem and social competence through playing games and interacting in small and whole groups

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