Our School Library is a resource centre that is used for learning experiences which support and complement the school’s teaching and learning program in developing students as life-long learners. The Library has a comprehensive collection of resources that provide students and teachers with a wide range of up-to-date resources catering to students’ varied learning styles, abilities and interests. Our large non-fiction collection complements the Victorian Curriculum, while our fiction collection, with its strong focus on quality literature, works to increase students' literacy skills.




The goals of our Library are:

  • to assist students to acquire an interest in reading for enjoyment and to critically select and evaluate literature;
  • to provide learning opportunities aimed at developing students' information literacy skills to enable them to become efficient users of information and independent learners for life; and
  • to provide a range of resources in varying formats to support students recreational reading and inquiry based learning as well as teacher lesson delivery of the school’s curriculum.


All grades have a timetabled session each week and classes may use the Library for research at other times. 

The Library is also open to all students at lunchtime 4 days a week.

To develop a love of reading, our students are encouraged to participate in Library lessons and special events such as Children's Book Week.


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