Victorian Curriculum F-10

The Victorian Curriculum F–10 is the new curriculum for Victorian schools, incorporating the Australian Curriculum and reflecting Victorian standards and priorities. It was introduced from the beginning of the 2017 school year, replacing the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

Victorian Curriculum Foundation to Year 10 (F-10)

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education includes both the specific knowledge and skills in these four learning areas and the inter-relationship between them. This recognises that there are opportunities for STEM learning to be delivered in an integrated way, supporting deeper engagement in these four learning areas.


STEM is integral to the following learning areas:


Quality STEM teaching and learning will also develop capabilities in problem solving, creativity, critical and creative thinking.

Achievement Standards

Each area of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 includes content descriptions explaining what is to be taught and achievement standards describing what students are able to understand and do. The achievement standards are provided in 11 levels for Mathematics and 5 bands for Science, Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies.




The Victorian Essential Learning Standards provide a new approach to organising the curriculum in schools.


The Standards identify what is important for students to achieve at different stages of their schooling, set standards for those achievements and provide a clear basis for reporting to parents and for planning programs.


This curriculum approach directly addresses:

  •  The economic and social changes associated with the development of our global, knowledge-based world and their implications for schools; and
  • The growing evidence base about how people learn and its implications for teaching that works.

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