There are four Prep/Foundation classes at EHPS in 2022: PDB, PLZ, PM and PO.



  • Term 1: First day of primary school!
  • Term 2: Fire Education Incursion, Pet Safety Incursion, Teddy Bear's Picnic at school, Local Community Walk, Cultural Day at school
  • Term 3: 100 Days of Prep at school, Zoo Excursion
  • Term 4: Farm Excursion

Other Important Information

  • The Prep Team strives to send out a weekly update via COMPASS regarding important upcoming information.


  • From Term 2 onwards: PMP (Perceptual Motor Program)

PMP is a movement-based program which helps students improve their hand/eye and eye/foot coordination, fitness, balance, locomotion and eye-tracking skills



Term 1 Prep Newsletter  |  Term 2 Prep Newsletter



Foundation students at Essex Heights explore:



  • Phonics initial sounds
  • Blending sounds to make a word
  • Beginning Reading and recognising high frequency words
  • Holding their pencil correctly and formation of letters
  • Writing the sounds they hear in words
  • Drawing pictures to tell a story


  • Counting forwards and backwards from 20
  • Counting and matching objects and numbers 1:1
  • Creating patterns
  • Compare objects on length, capacity and volume
  • 2 Dimensional Shapes
  • Making picture graphs


  • Our 5 Senses
  • On the Move – Physical Science
  • Weather in my World
  • Wonderful Wildlife
  • What is it made of?

 History and Geography

  • Our Community, Our World
  • Farms
  • NAIDOC Week activities
  • Cultural events


  • Classroom expectations
  • Being a classroom ‘family’
  • Filling Up Someone’s Bucket
  • How to be a good friend
  • School expectations and values
  • Focussing our Attention and Active Listening
  • Year 5 buddies
  • The Resilience Project
  • ArtSEL


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