Year 4

There are three Year 4 classes at EHPS in 2021: 4C, 4R and 4T.



  • Community Kinder Connections 
  • Deakin Science Program
  • Mad about Science Incursion 
  • Overnight Stay Experience 

Other Important Information

  • In Year 4 at Essex Heights, students learn vital independence and organisational skills through the management of their own personal student diaries. Students record their own spelling words to be tested each week and complete weekly homework activities in the areas of literacy and numeracy to develop vocabulary and mathematical fluency.

  • The Year 4 team strives to send out weekly Year 4 news updates to keep families informed.


  • Swimming
  • Cross Country
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Athletics
  • Year Level Sport (team sport skill & game sense development)


Term 1 Year 4 Newsletter  |  Term 2 Year 4 Newsletter


In addition to covering all Victorian Curriculum in Literacy and Numeracy, Year 4 students at Essex Heights explore:



  • Science lessons engage students in questioning and hands on investigations and explorations where they discover the scientific world around them. Students develop their understanding of earth sciences and physics through experimentation and STEAM activities.

 Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence lessons work to develop students’ understanding of their emotions and how awareness and management of emotions can support positive relationships with self and others each day. These lessons provide the tools students can apply to successfully and respectfully solve problems, communicate clearly and resolve conflict.

 The Resilience Project

  • Year 4 students work through weekly Resilience Project activities in their own student journal. Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness is also woven through the week and an integral focus in all classrooms. Each day Year 4 students and staff aim to recognise and celebrate individual and shared ‘DIS’ moments.


  • During ICT sessions, students learn to engage with digital technologies using safe, meaningful and authentic practices. Students explore password and identity security, research skills, data representation and problem solving using a range of technology.


  • Stories of the First Fleet, including causes and reasons for the journey, who travelled to Australia, and their experiences and perspectives following arrival


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