Student Code of Conduct

Philosophical Basis

At Essex Heights Primary School we aim to foster desirable attitudes and behaviours based on co-operation, respect, positive relationships and responsibility for our actions. It is anticipated that an awareness of behaviors will equip all students to become responsible members of the wider community. Essex Heights values all students and acknowledges everyone’s right to a safe, supportive and positive school environment. All students have an understanding of a Code of Conduct at class and whole school level. It is anticipated that in a harmonious environment, all students can enjoy academic, emotional and social opportunities and achieve their greatest educational potential leading to a sense of self worth, an appreciation of human rights, respect for others, society and our environment.

2.0 Guidelines


2.1 All individuals are to be valued and treated with respect


2.2 Students have the right to a secure environment where they are fully able to develop their talents, interests and ambitions without intimidation, bullying or harassment.


2.3 Parents have a right to expect that their children will be educated in a secure environment in which care courtesy and respect for the rights of others is observed.


2.4 Teachers have the right to educate in an orderly and co-operative environment


2.5 Parents have an obligation to support the school in its efforts to maintain a positive teaching and learning environment.


2.6 The principal and staff have an obligation to fairly, reasonably and consistently implement the Code of Conduct for Essex Heights Primary School.


Christopher Cotching
School Principal


Judith Hanke
School Council President


School Council-October 2008