Thank you for your interest in enrolment at Essex Heights Primary School (EHPS). EHPS is a Victorian government primary school catering for children from Prep to Year 6. The following information will assist you with the important decision of choosing a school which will give your child the best start to their education journey.


Enrolment at EHPS 


Essex Heights Primary School (EHPS) has an official enrolment zone applied by the Department of Education & Training (DET). The enrolment zone ensures that a place is provided for students for whom EHPS is their designated neighbourhood school, which is defined as the school that is nearest “in straight line distance” to a student’s usual place of residence (permanent residential address). Please check the indicative map of our enrolment zone or call the School Office to check if your address meets the enrolment zone criteria. The student’s usual place of residence is the first criteria we are required to use in assessing an enrolment request for a prospective student.

Out of zone enrolment applications can be made, but places can only be offered if class sizes permit. It is recommended that a short statement explaining the choice of EHPS be included with your enrolment application if the prospective student’s usual place of residence is out of our enrolment zone. Please note that for 2018 enrolments, we will advise if a place can be offered in Term 3. This is because students within our enrolment zone have priority and an indication of class sizes will be clearer by this time.


A child must be five years of age by 30th April of the year they start to be eligible for enrolment in a Victorian Government School. Your child must be at school in the year that they turn six years of age (this is the compulsory school starting age).


Enrolments can be made at any time, however for students starting at EHPS in 2018, it is recommended that enrolment be submitted by the end of Term 2, and preferably in Term 1 in 2017. This will greatly assist in our planning and preparation for the coming year. Enrolment by the end of Term 2 will also ensure that our incoming Prep students can participate fully in the Transition Program offered in Terms 3 and 4. An orientation day for new students in Years 1 to 6 is usually held early in December.


Children arriving from overseas:  if enrolment is sought for a child arriving from overseas you may be required to enrol via the International Division of the Department of Education & Training. Children who have little or no English speaking and comprehension ability are strongly recommended to request enrolment at Blackburn English Language School first to complete their two term program of intensive language curriculum before seeking enrolment at EHPS.


Enrolment Process:  An enrolment pack is available from the School Office. The pack contains the enrolment forms (student enrolment, student learning needs, medical details, and family financial statements forms) and information about EHPS, health centre and immunisation, uniform, canteen, before and after school care program, and enrolment and child safe policies. Enrolment at EHPS requires completion of the following:

  1. Student Enrolment form (please read the Privacy Notice and refer to the Parental Occupation Group Codes to determine employment category)
  2. Student Learning Needs form
  3. Medical Details form

The following original documents must be submitted with your completed enrolment forms (we will take a copy at EHPS):

  1. Birth certificate (official Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages certificate, not the ceremonial copy).
  2. Passport (if child was not born in Australia).
  3. Immunisation certificate:
    1. Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) certificate if the vaccination schedule for the child has been completed in Australia (not the records in a child’s maternal and child health book); OR
    2. If your child received vaccinations overseas, an Immunisation Status Certificate must be obtained from the City of Monash Council Immunisation Service (Monash Civic Centre, 293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley).
  4. Residential address verification documentation (three documents required):
    1. Certified copy of the Contract of sale OR Lease document; and
    2. Utility bill (eg electricity, gas, or water); or
    3. Driver licence.
  5. Immigration/Residency documentation (if child was not born in Australia):
    1. Visa Grant Notice from the Australian Government which provides visa details, including visa number and expiry date
    2. Certificate of citizenship (if applicable)
  6. Asthma Managment Plan (if applicable)
  7. Allergy and/or Anaphylaxis Management Plan (if applicable)
  8. Court orders (if applicable)
  9. Out of zone applicants only: Short statement explaining choice of EHPS.

All documentation must be supplied to the School Office before your application can be considered.

School Tours for families of prospective students for entry in 2017 or 2018 are currently being conducted on Fridays at 9.30am. Tour duration is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. School tours for 2019 entry and beyond will commence in Term 1 2018.

Bookings are essential, as there is a maximum of ten adults on each tour – please contact the School Office on 9807 4944.
Note: children are welcome to accompany parents, but please be aware that the tour will be about an hour in duration, and will go through our open learning spaces where our students are working and tour participants are asked to be respectful of their right not to be disrupted.


Enrolment for 2017 entry:   Enrolment for 2017 entry will be managed in a timely manner in relation to the start date of the student.



Enrolment for 2018 entry:  Enrolments for entry in 2018 are currently being accepted. Planning for 2018 is well underway, so please contact us as soon as possible to ascertain if a place is available in the required year level. 


Enrolment for 2019 entry and beyond:  We are not yet taking enrolments for 2019 and beyond; enrolment in a Victorian government school is only required in the year prior to entry. Enrolment for 2019 entry can be submitted from Term 1 2018. Please contact the office on 9807 4944 or email the school at essex.heights.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au if you have a query or would like to book a school tour (information above).


If you have queries, please contact us at the School Office by phone on 9807 4944 between 8.30am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday during school terms or email essex.heights.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au