Parenting Ideas

"Schools are at their dynamic best when teachers and parents work hand-in-hand together."  Michael Grose

Parenting Ideas aims to help people successfully raise confident, happy and resilient kids. Over the course of nearly twenty years, they've become one of Australia's most trusted sources of parenting education and support. Our school has a membership with Parenting Ideas, providing our school community with regular Insights articles and access to their webinars for parents at no cost (a saving of $39 per webinar). Details are provided to our school community via our parent portal on Compass.

They connect parents and educators to expert child development knowledge through first class digital channels and accompany it with a genuine human interface to make parenting support more accessible and impactful.


For additional excellent resources on the Parenting Ideas website, click here.



Why family rituals matter 

Parenting for emotionally healthy kids 

Teaching consent to children and teenagers 

Managing anxiety before it becomes a problem 

Establishing digital boundaries for the screen generation 

That's leadership thinking! 

Supporting boys in upper primary school 

Grandparents as carers 

Seven ways to be a positive influence on children and young people 

Helping your child become the best student they can be 

Building deep emotional connections with kids 

Managing the mother load 

Modelling self-kindness 

The power of sorry 

Give kids a thumbs up for the right things 

A flexible approach to raising kids 

Parenting in challenging times 

Wellbeing strategies for parents 

Help kids tap into their inner resources 

A topic you can't ignore 

Staying the course in COVID times 

Encourage kids to occupy themselves 

Maintaining strong family traditions 

Standing behind difficult decisions 

What content are children watching? 

Developing young people's emotional smarts 

Collaborative parenting style wins the day during COVID-19 

Conquering kids techno-tantrums 

Successfully transitioning students back to school 

Charting a new course for kids post COVID-19 

Establishing a personal learning centre at home 

Expect more from kids in these difficult times 
Successful close quarter living 
Helping siblings resolve their fights 
Leading the way for children during the Coronavirus pandemic 
Going beyond the fishbowl 
Respectfully breaking the masculinity strait jacket 
Parenting in the age of disruption 
Managing separation anxiety at school drop-offs 
Supporting kids affected by the bushfires 
Making new friends and staying in touch with old classmates 
Spending time with kids: How much is enough? 
Why validation is the best parenting skill of all 
A taste of falafel and independence 
Strengthening kids' self-esteem in a digital world 
Helping your child avoid being cyberbullied 
Are you asking your kids to step up? 
Leaving your fathering mark 
When relationships go wrong for girls 
Protecting your child's online privacy 
The loss of healthy rites of passage 
Refining your parenting style 
Developing leadership skills in your child 
Helping kids tolerate discomfort 
Managing your child's anxiety 
Creating healthy digital habits in kids 
Encouraging healthy attitudes towards women 
6 tips for parenting anxious kids 
Helping children make and keep friends 
Mum's the work 
Helping kids feel good by doing good 
The messages all boys need to hear 
Responding constructively to the Christchurch shooting 
Balancing extra-curricular activities for flourishing kids 
Daily lessons in resilience 
There are better questions than "How much screen time?" 
Unearthing kids's strengths 
Top five strategies to improve your parenting this year 
Preventing childhood bullying 
Giving kids scripts for social and school success 
Technology holiday guide for parents 
Developing a resilience mindset 
Making a smooth transition to secondary school 
Why developing empathy in your child matters 
Be careful who you take parenting advice from 
How to stop your children from swearing 
How kids develop impulse control 
Find your tribe 

Is your child's brain ready for the online playgrounds? 

Kids need good men in their lives 

How do you show up for our kids?  

Overcoming the curse of perfectionism 

Four critical tools for kids' anxiety management 

Let consequences do the talking 

Five forgotten skill sets that contribute to student success 

Hopeful kids are happy kids 

Dealing with video game crazes: Fortnite and fanaticism 

Developing your child's emotional intelligence 



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