STEM Project with Deakin University

EHPS commenced a three year partnership with Deakin University in 2018 to look at the teaching of Science and Mathematics together. In Term 3 2018 Years 1 and 4 students investigated ‘Living Things’ in the school grounds, studying the occurrence of different living things, recording and analysing data their own data. Students worked as scientists investigating the school grounds, with magnifying glasses and clip boards in hand. Year 1 students analysed their findings and constructed their own representations to make comparisons, tabulating, constructing tables and graphs, while making inferences about what different living things need. Year 4 students extended their investigation and data inquiry to variation of living things and compared three different types of habitat within the school grounds and the implications on living things found in those areas. Students reportedly enjoyed the activities, and teachers commented on the high level of student engagement, individual representations of data and understanding demonstrated. Currently the Year 1 and Year 4 students are participating in an Astronomy Learning Sequence. We look forward to sharing further information regarding student participation and learning, over the coming years of our partnership.

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