Teaching & Learning

Over the past four years, teachers and leaders have been working hard toward delivering on the goals within our strategic plan and we have made significant progress in many areas. One important part of that work has been our focus on ensuring quality teaching and learning occurs in every classroom in a way that is consistent with the latest research on best practice.

To guide our work we have engaged the services of and built a strong relationship with educational consultants from Language of Learning. They are linked to the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, and work extensively with Professor John Hattie, a world leading voice in what works best in education.

Our focus has specifically been on developing learning intentions and success criteria with the purpose of making the learning in the classroom very clear or ‘visible’ to every student. The scaffold teachers and students use is called SOLO Taxonomy and you will see these SOLO coded learning intentions and success criteria displayed in all classrooms around our school. SOLO stands for Structure of Observed Learning Outcomes. SOLO Taxonomy makes clear to students that learning occurs in a process from not knowing anything; to knowing one thing; to knowing multiple things; to making connections and relationships between these things and finally, transfer; where this thinking can be applied to other areas of learning and our lives. The students have responded immediately by using the language when discussing their learning with their teachers and peers. Students are now able to see clearly the pathway they need to take to reach their learning goals and are empowered to have more control of their own learning. We are now developing a consistency in practice across the school, from year level to year level and from classroom to classroom, by sharing a common language for learning that focuses on improving student outcomes. Collaboration between teachers has never been stronger, and this is what Professor John Hattie has found to be the most influential factor in improving student outcomes. This common language shared by teachers and students also enables us to develop consistency in other high impact teaching strategies such as explicit teaching, using worked examples, setting challenging learning goals and questioning techniques. Another strategy we have worked hard on is implementing effective feedback strategies. Not only do we understand what type of feedback works best for students, but also we value and actively seek feedback from students about how they are going and what their ideas are about their teachers and the school. We are very excited about the trajectory we are on, and we will continue to work hard ensure that every child at Essex Heights has the opportunity to experience outstanding teaching and learning.

A Curriculum & Learning at EHPS Parent Forum was held in March 2019, presented by the Language of Learning consultants. CLICK HERE for a copy of the presentation.

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