Level 1: Prep


Preps with their Hairy Bears

Starting primary school is an exciting time for every child and their family. The following resources are provided by the Department of Education & Training (DET) to help you prepare:

Welcome to primary school to our 2020 Preps!


There are four Prep classes at EHPS in 2020. Preps will attend their School Entry Assessment interview between Thursday 30th January and Wednesday 5th February 2020. They commence school on Thursday 6th February at the designated start time, and finish at 1.30pm on this first day. From Friday 7th to Friday 14th February, Preps attend from 8.50am to 2.30pm. They commence fulltime (8.50am to 3.30pm) from Monday 17th February. 

Families have been provided with details of their child's class, teacher, location, SEA date and time, and start time on the first day of school. Included with this letter was a list of items to prepare to be ready for starting school at EHPS. Please note: 
  • Headphones are required to be plug-in, not wireless.
  • Books and stationery do not need to be purchased. The school purchases these items and they are distributed throughout the year as required. The cost of these items is included in your annual school fee. 

Prep 2021
There will be four Prep classes at EHPS in 2021 (approximately 80 students).

Attendance on a School Tour is recommended, but not compulsory. Tours will commence in Term 1, and will be conducted twice weekly at 9.30am until the end of Term 2 (days of week to be confirmed). Bookings are essential; call our Office between 9.30am and 2.30pm on 9807 4944 when bookings open. An introduction pack, including enrolment forms, will be provided at the conclusion of a school tour, or can be collected from our School Office from Monday 10th February 2020.

Enrolment for Prep 2021 is due by Friday 29th May 2020. This assists greatly with our preparation and planning, and ensures opportunity for full participation in our School Transition Program. If after 29th May 2020, please contact our Office to confirm if a place is available.

Prep entry in 2022 and beyond
Enrolment is submitted in the year prior to entry. Attendance on a school tour in the year prior to entry is recommended prior to lodged enrolment documentation.

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